The Stroke Association - Isle of Man 

The Manx Stroke Foundation campaigned for a number of years to have the Stroke Association’s Family Support and Communication Support services here on the Island. After negotiations with the Government and the Stroke Association, UK, these services were introduced in 2005 and provide valuable support to people affected by stroke.

Life After Stroke Support Service

The Stroke Association is available for all people affected by stroke on the Island and those who care for them, be they friends or family. Support can be offered from admission to hospital through to settling back at home or transfer to further care; we can liaise and advocate on your behalf with medical healthcare and social services professionals; and advise about benefits and local services and clubs to improve your well-being.

The Stroke Association also offer monthly Communication Groups, based in Port Erin and Ramsey. The purpose of the groups is to support stroke survivors whose communication has been affected by their stroke in order to build confidence and promote independence. We provide supported conversation by means of pictures, photos and alphabet boards, for example, to help someone to more successfully express themselves and find the words they are missing from their speech.

A Service Users Group has also been established by the Stroke Association and this is open to stroke survivors and meets monthly in Douglas. The aim of this group is to provide information on healthy lifestyles and encourages service users to develop confidence and independence following their stroke.

For more information please contact the island based Stroke Association Life after Stroke Coordinator:

Julie Clarke Tel: 07624 399069 or Email:

The Brush Strokes Art Group

The ART GROUP offers a warm welcome to anyone who has had a stroke and would like to express themselves through ART.

The weekly 2 hour session is held:

every Thursday
10.30am - 12.30pm
at Centre 21, Greenfield Road, Douglas

You do not have to be a professional to attend, just have an interest in ART and the desire to have a go.

We supply the ART materials and volunteers offer advice, assistance and motivation.

This is a way to help you recover and at the group you will meet other stroke survivors who understand.

So why not come and join us...

Supported by the Isle of Man Arts Council

For further information, please contact: Liz Forbes on 01624 673855

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